Adopting Low-cost Alternative for Energy Saving


These are the measures which help in reducing electricity consumption in buildings through various energy efficiency interventions. Energy saving potential due to following energy conservation measures in each of the 5 climate zones has been established under the “High Performance Commercial Buildings in India” Project:

  • Bioclimatic passive architectural design strategies: These include energy saving potential and impact of strategies such as optimum orientation, external shading of walls, roof, windows, daylight integration and establishment of passive cooling strategies which are climate dependent.
  • Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) recommended by Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC): ECBC recommends building envelope thermal performance for each climate zone of India. Saving potential due to these measures is established. Impact and energy saving potential due to efficient lighting system, lighting controls, efficient system, HVAC controls as recommended by ECBC is also established.
  • Energy saving potential in High Performance Buildings, where passive architectural design strategies are integrated with energy efficiency measures recommended by ECBC is established.


To ascertain the saving potential of energy conservation measures a conventional building case is created, which represents a typical conventional building in India. Energy saving potential of various energy conservation measures is established in comparison to this conventional building case or Base case. Energy saving potential through various ECMs has been established both for day use building and 24 hrs use building.

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