Adopting Low-cost Alternative for Energy Saving

Case Studies

The project selected fifteen buildings from various climate zones of India and studied their performance. These comprised of five buildings (one from each climate zone) each of type conventional & solar passive, constructed in the pre-ECBC era and the ECBC Compliant buildings from the post-ECBC era.

Browse through the case studies to know the saving potential that can be realized by using low energy strategies and ECBC features for buildings in different climate zones.

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Transport Corporation of India Ltd (TCIL), Gurgaon

The TCIL facility comprises of offices, administration block, conference room, meeting rooms, receptions and library.

  • Operational schedule – 6 days and 12 hours
  • Area of the building: 3058m² (out of which 2607 m² - conditioned area, 541 m² - Non- conditioned area)
Green Building Design Features:
  • The north-east, south-west orientation helps in receiving less radiation which results in lesser heat gains and reduces the overall air-conditioning requirement and hence saves energy. Proper orientation also helps in receiving natural light and ventilation
  • The building has a minimum height above the ground level to limit exposure to external conditions and makes use of recessed windows to reduce external solar heat gains
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